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Add:No.8-507 Yidelong Xinxi Street,Qiaodong District,Xingtai City China

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Xingtai Kailin Mineral Technology Co.,Ltd. 

    Xingtai Kailin Mineral Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in Xingtai City in August 2010 , was approved by the Xingtai Qiaodong Industrial and Commercial Bureau , with import and export operation rights of the professional foreign trade companies. The company has import and export business in more than 30 countries and regions in the world , with nearly 100 domestic and foreign customers to establish a long-term stable trade relations of cooperation .
    Since its inception , has been based on the development of their business and strive to enhance corporate image, establish a sound modern enterprise management system and corporate governance structure , the implementation of legal decisions, classification management and professional management system, pay attention to the functions of the various departments emphasizes coordination between departments , effectively achieve optimal allocation of resources . Companies adhere to the " heavy contract, keep credibility, efficiency ," won recognition at home and abroad , well-run , performance significantly , Hebei Province, was rated AAA corporate ~ ! The operating areas: sales of chemical products and raw materials , pharmaceutical intermediates , agricultural , metal mining, metal and other materials , self-and agent all kinds of goods and technology import and export business ! 
    Uphold the integrity of management, quality service business philosophy , adhere to the operating principle of win-win and innovation , adhere to efficient modern enterprise management system, innovative business models and constantly strive to continuously expand the scope of business in the future development of international and domestic companies will continue to market-oriented, based in Xingtai City , facing the country and the world , and all merchants and foreign friends who work together to create a better tomorrow.
Add:No.8-507 Yidelong Xinxi Street,Qiaodong District,Xingtai City ChinaTel/Fax:86- 0319-5232166 Phone:+8613363728661 Email:kevin@xtkailin.com
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