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Magnesium Powder
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Magnesium Powder



99.8% Magnesium Powder 
Application: Pyrotechnics, metallurgy,etc 
Package: 50kg/ iron drum 
Technical or Pyrotechnical grade
Packaging & Delivery: 
Packaging Detail:
50kg/ iron drum
Delivery Detail:
Within 15 days after the confirmed the order
Magnesium Powder
Technical or Pyrotechnical grade
Appearance: gray powder
Apparent density 0.55g/cm³ ±0.10;
Purity: 99.8% min.
Mesh 100 micrometer: 10 max.; Mesh 63 micrometer: 40 to 70
If you have a need in magnesium powder, please feel free to contact us.
Add:No.8-507 Yidelong Xinxi Street,Qiaodong District,Xingtai City ChinaTel/Fax:86- 0319-5232166 Phone:+8613363728661 Email:kevin@xtkailin.com
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