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Copper cathode
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Copper cathode



Electrolytic copper cathode 
1.Purity: purity 99.99%-99.95% min. 
2.Weight per Sheet:125kg 
Electrolytic copper cathode with high purity   
product: copper cathodes (electrolytic grade A)
min. cu-purity: 99.95-99.99%  premier degree
size: : 914mm x 914mm x 12mm (appr.)(36” x 36” x 0.5)
weight of each sheet: 125kgs +/- 1%
net weight of each pallet: 2m/t +/- 1%
min. weighs in each container: 20 m/t appr
gross weight of each container: 22.2m/t appr.
packing: palletized banded by aluminum bands
Usage:Electric light industry, machinery manufacturing, Building industry ,defense industry, and other fields Manufacturing industrial .valves and fittings,Instrument sliding bearing.
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